Koenigsegg CCX, Based On The Sensational CCR

Koenigsegg may be a small Swedish maker of exotic cars, but the new Koenigsegg CCX is designed to meet regulations in the US market most exotic cars don’t. As it has larger air intakes than the CCR and CC8S, it will be your choice if you want to drive the car far and fast on the road. The Koenigsegg CCX exotic car has the same sensational looks and amazing performance as the CCR: a top speed of 245 mph, 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds, and the standing quarter mile in 9.9 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest two or three cars you can buy. The CCX is unmistakably Koenigsegg, but the shape has been modified in a number of ways. There is a deeper, rectangular grille at the front with a small air intake each side, and the shape of the headlamps have been changed. The front bumper has been reshaped slightly to meet the US 2.5-mph crash impact regulations. Also, some air is extracted through air outlets forward of each front wheel. Side skirts and a longer tail At the sides, more downlift is cr

The Effects of Ethanol on Fuel Mileage

Most gasoline powered cars run on straight gasoline although these vehicles can also safely run on an ethanol blend consisting of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline. Known as E10 fuel or gasohol, many service station pumps across the nation offer this blend. A placard should be posted on the pump alerting you that E10 fuel is in use. Fuel Economy Ethanol, however, is less fuel efficient than straight gasoline. Cars fueled with E10 will typically see a drop in fuel efficiency by 3 or 4 percent. What that means is if your car is averaging 30 mpg, you will most likely average about 29 mpg with E10 fuel. Certainly, that doesn’t make for much of a difference for one fill up, but over the course of a year you’ll pay for it. Some vehicles are “flex fuel” rated and can run on either straight gasoline or consume E85 fuel which is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. These vehicles have modified fuel lines and a fuel tank in addition to certain computer diagnostic changes that ena

Tips on Buying a Used Mercedes Benz

Lots of people will tell you that buying a used car is much like a lottery. Not so, if only you follow the four easy steps outlined below. Trust No-One. This is not to say that your used Mercedes Benz reseller is necessarily lying to you, but that you should keep a critical and inquiring eye out on all the details of the car you’re considering to buy. Ideally, the seller should offer to run a pre-purchase inspection themselves, reveal all findings of the inspection by showing you the written report and offer to cover the fixing expenses of any flaws to the vehicle not disclosed in the advertisement. Ask for the inspection. Since we live in a world far less than ideal, and since a seller’s main purpose is to get rid of their used car as quickly and ‘painlessly’ as possible, you will probably not come across many sellers that offer to run the above-mentioned inspection. Should you find yourself in this situation, you definitely need to take care of the inspection yourself.  Additionally,

Hyundai Tucson Diesel Engine Variant

There are 3 variants of Tucson owned by Hyundai, namely the Tucson XG CRDi, Tucson XG Gasoline and Tucson GLS Gasoline. The Tucson XG CRDi is the highest variant. The most obvious advantage of this car lies in its engine. Hyundai Tucson XG CRDi engine has turbo-charging with 178 max power at 4000 rpm and 400 / 1750-2750 torque. With this engine, the power or performance of this car hasn't even matched. This car is also equipped with a power tailgate, which is a trunk door that can be opened automatically by pressing a button on the remote control.  Apart from that, the 5-seat car also feels loose because the tilt seat can be adjusted up to 75 degrees. With the air conditioner installed in the second row, passengers will be more comfortable while driving this car. Besides being comfortable, Tucson also excels in crash tests. Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) or the frame on the latest Hyundai cars such as the Tucson already contains steel. For the Tucson CRDi, the steel content i